Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Pre-Season NASCAR Predictions

We are a little more than a month away from the start of the 2010 NASCAR season. While I realize that a lot has gone in since Jimmy Johnson hoisted the trophy in Homestead, I'm gonna go ahead and take this opportunity to make my predictions as to what will take place this season in NASCAR. With the amount (or lack there of) for the past few seasons, this shouldn't be too difficult....

Warning...if you're new to NASCAR, you can ask me anything. I'm more than happy to answer

  1. A Hendrick Motorsports car will win the championship. Every other team in NASCAR may as well not even show up. Ever since NASCAR switched to the new car style, Hendrick has always had the most testing with it. And we all know that when you know more about the car, the more your gonna win. Now whether or not we see Jimmy Johnson win his 5th consecutive title, we'll see. I think not.
  2. Danica Patrick is gonna fail in the Nationwide Series. We all know that she was a marketing gimmick to try to generate publicity for the Indy Racing League, which she failed at that. Patrick never seemed to be able to compete against Tony Kannan and the rest of the IRL crew, so she wound up fighting with them. I can probably predict that after her first crash her interview will go like this,"Well, I was doing good until the boys decided that they didn't want to treat me right." Following that, NASCAR will make all kinds of rules telling the drivers that they have to give Patrick extra room.
  3. ESPN will hire more on-air personality who know nothing about the sport. Brent Musburger doesn't know anything about NASCAR. So don't try to make him sound like he knows what he is talking about.
Those are just a few of my predictions. I'd talk more about them, however, I don't want to bore you.

Thanks for your time,